Saturday, 1 March 2014


We have kept daily contact with the lawyers and they have suggested to us a proposal. In order to carry out a joint claim, they need to know the real number of affected people that would be interested in this initiative and to have access to specific information as well.

Firstly, the lawyers will focus in a personalized advice in order to confirm the real situation of each affected person.

We have negotiated a fixed price of 50 euros (taxes included) to provide this service, so those who owned small amounts of BTCs in MtGx can join this initiative.

If you are interested, you have to follow the procedure in the Guide to Affected People.

Once the lawyers confirm you as an affected person, you will receive individual and punctual information about the actions they are developing.

There is every indication that the legal actions will have to be made before the relevant authorities in Japan. The lawyers have established contact with different law firms and they are studying which one gives the most guarantees.

We hope to count on all the possible support to help us to recover what is ours.

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