Friday, 14 March 2014

Platform announcement (14/03/2014)

The objective of this Platform has been always try to gather all the possible affected people to try to recover what MtGox took from us. From the beginning we have informed you in this Blog about the news that appeared in the Net, and we have invited you to participate and to give your opinion freely. We have also opened a post in where we can share information.
We have tried to act as transparent as possible and we want to continue doing things in this way. As you well know, we came in contact with the lawyers in the virtual firm Click Juridico.
After some days and the initial confusion, new proposals have arisen, like that of the Office in Great Britain (Selachii) and more recently projectgox and mtgoxrecovery.
It is true that each affected person could choose freely the option she /he considers the best and everyone is competent in this issue.
For those who are interested in, we have to tell you that finally the lawyers in the virtual firm Click Juridico have reached an agreement with a Japanese law firm. The details of this agreement are explained in the next post.

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