Sunday, 9 March 2014

Platform of Affected People by MtGox Announcement

We received a letter from the lawyers of Click Jurídico where they inform us about the proposals recieved.

Specially, there are two of them really interesting:

A) In both proposals there is a initial percentage to pay which would be a 3% of the amount claimed. This initial disbursement is in concept of professional fees. It remains to define and determine the amount to apply the 3% ( since that they don't know yet which price will be used to use that estimation, the Mt. Gox closure price, the monthly price or the price at the moment of closing the contract, in the moment that this point is clear we will inform).

B) Percentage over the recovered amounts. This percentage is between 8-12% depending on the firm.

In the spirit of the Lawyers is to directly influence on a percentage reduction of the initial amount to make it more affordable at the time to start the procedure, as well as adjusting the percentage of amounts that could be recovered, but less than 8% seems pretty complicated at this time.

We still need to know the conditions from the UK firm, but given the amount of Bitcoins and people who say they have contacted them it would be normal that the percentage will be lower.

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