After the shutdown of the exchanger MtGox a group of affected people has contacted the attorneys of the virtual firm Click Juridico with the purpose of study the legal actions which we could start to recover our Bitcoins, Fiat money or both. We have been advised from the virtual firm of attorneys from Click Juridico that the interest in this matter will depend on the number of people affected interested in pursuing same.

The initial strategy consists in knowing the number of people affected interested in the study of the viability of the judicial and extrajudicial actions that may be applicable.

1. Who can joint?

Each person that can proof his/her condition of affected by the shutdown of exchanger MtGox.

2. What do I need to do?

The steps to follow are:

a) Complete the application form provided for such purpose and enclose documentation required, if available. 


b) Once the application and documentation is received and after studying each application individually, you will receive by electronic mail a notification informing about the actions we are developing if you are interested in proceeding with same.

3. Professional Fee

The professional fee for legal advise (consultation, process of information and evaluation of your case individually) Click Juridico provides is 75 €.

The payment can be made in the following ways:

a) Bank deposit in the following account number in the entity ING (state name, last name and NIF)

ING DIRECT: ES23 1465 0240 14 1800097266

b) Pay Pal. Electronic mail:

c) Bitcoins*. Wallet: 12gED88gBhGGkogLcQvQUQfDbtz9fyrZ7z

*In this case the exchange will be the average price of the day in which the deposit was made established in Bitcoincharts. Once the deposit was made you will receive by mail the wallet from where you made the transaction.

4. Clarification
  • What covers the 75 Euros of consultation?
The deposit of this specific fee covers consultation, process of information and evaluation of the case individually through the information received in the application form.
  • What is the purpose of consultation with the attorneys?
It allows us to know the real volume of affected people interested in going forward with the judicial and extrajudicial action that may be applicable.
  • Will we have to deposit more money?
The professional fee for the technical defense of the attorneys will depend on the country in which we may have to exercise the judicial or extrajudicial actions that may be applicable. We are working so every person affected can access the exercise of these actions regardless of the amount lost, which is the purpose to this platform.
  • How can we contact you?
The communication will be directly with the attorneys at Click Juridico, at the following electronic mail:
  • Is there any guarantee to recover what is lost?
Given the special characteristics of the matter, how fast the news take place, the little we know about the real situation of the company, we need to make a legal study of the situation and evaluate the viability of the actions that may be applicable in this matter.